Fitness, nutrition and mental health are my TOP priorities for every single one of my clients. I am very passionate about helping others make a LIFESTYLE change and guiding them to achieve their goals. All of us have what it takes to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves... Sometimes we just need the right tools to get us there. Let me give you those tools, let me show you how EASY it is to feel and look your best!!


  • About me

    I started my fitness journey 6 years ago and started competing in bodybuilding competitions as a Bikini Competitor 4 years ago. I have grown up around fitness my entire life and my dad taught me how to train at a young age. I was always in sports in school and competitive cheerleading for 15 years. But I have not always been “healthy” by any means. I’ve always been tiny so eating and drinking whatever I wanted never seemed to hurt anything. And maybe it didn’t hurt much on the outside but it was the inside that was being greatly effected. I never knew what kind of impact eating a healthier diet and having a consistent workout regimen could have on a person not only physically but mentally. I ended up falling in love with fitness and nutrition because I saw the impact it had on my MIND. I saw myself differently, I was more confident, my mood and attitude changed drastically because I was HAPPIER. I felt more energy than I ever had before and I knew this was a lifestyle I could get used to. I have never looked back since I started my fitness journey and I am here to impact others the way I was impacted. LET ME HELP YOU FIND YOUR HAPPY!

    Iron Heaven Gym

    My husband, Curtis Brown, and I recently moved our life to Omaha, Nebraska to follow our passion of helping others achieve their goals. We are now owners of an incredible gym here called Iron Heaven and we are so blessed for this opportunity with an amazing group of people.

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  • Shows

    National Level NPC- Bikini Competitor

    "Nationals 2017”

    Miami- 5th place

    "USA Championships 2018” 

    Vegas- 7th place

    "Texas State Championships 2016”

    Dallas- 2nd place

    "Texas Cup 2016”

    Houston- 4th place

  • Education 

    Fitness Nutrtion Science


    Certified as a Fitness Nutrition Science Specialist

    NASM, CPT - Certified Personal Trainer

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